trying something new


Dear gentle readers,

I’m inviting you to be listeners.

I love pictures, and a great image is definitely worth a thousand words. That said, I listen a lot to old radio shows and podcasts, plus audio books and other forms that make me create images in my mind. I wanted to see if I could take you along with me on a river trip.

There are technical difficulties, for sure, and I’m just figuring out sound editing. But take a listen. I hope you can feel what it feels like on my River.

Respectfully submitted,


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Perfect timing as I was getting into sauna to relax… except for the cream of mushroom soup. Do people really do that? Ready for the water to open up… thank you. <3 <3 <3


Looking forward to your blog


Lovely, Darren. I felt my blood pressure drop, too, as I went on this trip with you. Please take me elsewhere on your journey into podcasting.


Reminds me somehow of my first trip on the Namekagan [sp.?] / St. Croix decades ago [BEFORE they built that damned superhighway monstrosity]. I also LOVED the little Presque Isle! — Once, there, I was paddling back to the cabin under a full moon and a whole family of otters came out to inspect the boat [an Easy Rider “Eskimo 17”]!

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